Hydraulic press machine

315~12500 tons Heavy duty frame Free forging hydraulic press

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  • Product description: DAYI heavy hydraulic forging press Machine factory support customized 300~50000 tons for demand from aerospace, Electric vehicles, ships, high-speed rail, wind power, nuclear energy, composite, Ti alloy forging, household appliances, general industrial forging.Our hot sale products as below: 1.Heavy High Speed hot free Forging hydraulic press Machine. 2.High Speed Hot Stamping Hydraulic Press 3.Titanium alloy and superalloy forging hydraulic press 4.Composite Material Forming hydraulic press Machine. 5.Close Die & Free Forging Hydraulic Press 6.Automatic End thickening upsetting hydraulic press Machine line7.Automotive semi-axle & bidirectional axle extruder, Spindle Axle Beams used heavy hydraulic press.

1. Description:

YD13 series free forging hydraulic press is an updated product that replaces air hammer, friction press and other cogging and rough forging machines. It has obvious advantages in forging material internal and external quality, yield, dimensional accuracy, automation, production efficiency, environmental protection and health and safety for operators. YD13 series free forging hydraulic press can complete all processes of free forging, such as upsetting, drawing, punching, reaming, bending, shifting and chopping, and mainly produce forgings composed of shafts, bars, plates, cakes, rings and circles and squares.

2. Application:

Free forging hydraulic press, also known as free forging hydraulic press, is a fully hydraulic controlled forging equipment that uses liquid pressure to transfer energy.

Mainly used for forging alloy steel, stainless steel, high alloy steel and non-ferrous metals. It can realize various functions such as fast forging, normal forging and pressure maintaining. It meets the requirements of forging processes such as upsetting, drawing, punching, broaching and dislocation. Forging equipment, such as forging hammer and hydraulic press, is used to form the blank and obtain qualified forgings. Forging equipment suitable for mass production of forgings. Its structural form can be designed and customized according to the demand, including four-column and frame.

3. Specification:

Free forging hydraulic press, also known as free forging, ring forging, ring forging cogging hydraulic press, oil press and forging equipment, has tonnage of 2,500, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,300 and 8,000 tons.

4. Features and advantages:

The equipment adopts prestressed composite frame structure, which has stable and reliable structure and long service life;

The slider guide device adopts 16-face adjustable guide rail structure, which has high guiding accuracy and strong anti-unbalanced load ability;

Introducing the principle of fast forging hydraulic press, configuring high frequency response proportional cartridge valve and fast unloading system can realize high forging frequency and greatly improve customer production efficiency;

The special multi-stage pressure relief technology is adopted to relieve pressure quickly, which eliminates the pressure relief impact under large flow and provides technical support for realizing rapid forging;

Can be equipped with forging manipulator, loader, heating furnace, feeding trolley, rotating material table, anvil magazine and other supporting production line devices.


5. Main structure and electrical system:

Electrical appliance part

The power supply of free forging hydraulic press and hot die forging hydraulic press adopts three-phase four-wire system, and the voltage of three-phase AC power supply is 380V and 50HZ. The control circuit is 220V AC, the indicator lamp voltage is 24V, and the control power supply of the pilot solenoid valve is 24V DC. There is a special electrical control cabinet, a main control cabinet, and electrical components for transmission are all installed in the electrical control cabinet, such as power switch, air switch, AC contactor, control transformer, leakage protection, etc. Lighting and ventilation facilities are installed in the electrical control cabinet. The main control system of this machine adopts PLC programmable control appliances, and various buttons and control handles are installed on the main control cabinet. The operating system of this machine adopts manual and semi-automatic operation respectively, and the main control cabinet is placed on the workshop floor next to the hydraulic press for easy operation and observation.

Lubricating part

The lubrication of free forging hydraulic press and hot die forging hydraulic press is mainly the lubrication of four friction pairs formed between the guide sleeve and the column of the movable beam and the lubrication between the movable tables. Grease lubrication is used between the beam guide sleeve and the column, and manual lubrication pump is used for lubrication, and electric lubrication pump is used between the supports of the mobile workbench. The lubricating medium is lithium grease 0#-1# or 0#-2#. The machine should be lubricated before each use, and it is forbidden to work in an oil-free lubrication state.

6. Delivery date and quality assurance policy:

       Delivery time: 4-8 months.

       Warranty period: 12 months.