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The Automatic precision forging hydraulic production line for gaint valves body is put in Prodution

A few days ago, the new factory project of automatic production line for precision forging valves invested by Nantong Yaao Jingchao Valve Co., Ltd. has been put into operation in Chengdong Town, Hai 'an City, Nantong!

Nantong Yaao Fine Super Valve Co., Ltd. is located in Hai 'an Development Zone, Nantong. It was put into production in 2023, mainly engaged in valve forging and machining, with a workshop area of 25,800 square meters, six forging lines planned, and three have been put into operation, with an annual output of 700,000-800,000 sets of forged steel valves. All adopt multi-directional die forging hydraulic press and electric screw forging machine from 630 t to 2500 t, with automatic forging production line and production licenses for heat treatment, pickling, passivation and phosphating.

Our DAYI brand YD-X Is specially designed for valve body forging, which is widely used in Heavy valve Production such as valve body, three-way connection, With other special-shaped parts and so on.


Beside our hot sale YD-X, Our hot sale products as below:

1.Heavy hot free Forging hydraulic press Machine.

2.High Speed Hot Stamping Hydraulic Press

3.Titanium alloy and superalloy forging hydraulic press

4.Composite Material Forming hydraulic press Machine.

5.Close Die & Free Forging Hydraulic Press

6.Automatic End thickening upsetting hydraulic press Machine line

7.Automotive semi-axle & bidirectional axle extruder, Spindle Axle Beams used heavy hydraulic press.

Our heavy hydraulic press forging Machine support customized 300~30000 tons for demand from aerospace, Electric vehicles, ships, high-speed rail,  wind power, nuclear energy, composite, Ti alloy forging, household appliances, general industrial forging.


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