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2000 tons & 1000 tons Free Forging Hydraulic Press delivered to Samara city

After 8 months hard working, our production team finally finish the debuging of 2000 tons & 1000 tons Free Forging Hydraulic Pressaccording customer requirment, and final quality checking bfore delivery. Now the complete forging production line will be shiped to our customer in Samara city.

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We believe with the putting into production, our customer will rise the production capacity soon, and get more market share. What's more, Our 2000 tons & 1000 tons Free Forging Hydraulic Press price is very reasonable with high shorter return on investment cycle, compared with those heavy free forging hydraulic press from Europe. So our cusotmer' forging products will be more competive compared with competetor' high cost.

Here let's share a brief introduction of our factory. DAYI Heavy Forging technology' people in the spirit of enthusiasm, thoughtful, efficient, super value service concept, superior cost performance has won the majority of users recognition and established a long-term stable relation of cooperation. Our business scope throughout the country, and exported to South Asia, southeast Asia, Russia, CIS countries and regions. If you are interested in high quality and competitive heavy hydraulic press machines, feel free to contact us for more details about technical proposal and price quoation.


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