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Power of Forging and Pressing: Reshaping the Future of Industry

    Parts manufactured by forging equipment have the advantages of high productivity, high performance and precision, and play a vital role in the national economy, social development and scientific development. As China's professional heavy hydraulic forging equipment, DAYI Forging Equipment provides cost-effective products for high-temperature alloys, aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electric power, ships, military equipment, nuclear industry, railways, large valves, powder metallurgy, composite materials, etc.


1. The need for the development of new materials industry

    High-end metal structural materials serve as an important development area. Mainly including high-quality special steel, new light alloy materials, etc. Most of these materials need to be processed with forging equipment to achieve significant improvements in the performance of the raw materials, such as high-quality special steels that are resistant to high temperature, high pressure, and corrosion for power stations, nickel-saving high-performance stainless steel, high-standard bearing steel, and gears.


   Special steel for steel, molds, and high-strength fasteners. New alloy materials are represented by high-performance aluminum alloys, magnesium alloys and titanium alloys that are lightweight, high-strength, large-sized, high-temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant, and fatigue-resistant, and are mainly used in aerospace, high-speed railways, automotive parts, and rail trains etc.

2. Requirements of high-end manufacturing industry

    At present, the parts of the defense industry such as aviation, aerospace, and weapons are developing in the direction of large-scale, integrated, and precise. For example, the fuselage of Russia's An-22 transport aircraft uses a 750MN die forging hydraulic press  to produce 20 B95 alloy large bulkhead integral die forgings with a projection area of 3.5m', which reduces a total of 800 parts, reduces the weight of the aircraft body by 1000kg, and reduces the machining hours by 15%~20%. Many of these parts are difficult to deform materials such as titanium alloys and high-temperature alloys, which have high deformation resistance, high requirements for organizational properties, and difficult process control during forging. In particular, with the continuous improvement of modern aviation equipment's demand for high performance, high weight reduction, long life, high reliability, and low-cost manufacturing technology, modern aircraft and engines are further developing in the direction of structural integration and large-scale parts. The application level of large die forgings has become one of the hallmarks of advanced aircraft. In recent years, we have successfully developed 400MN for large aircraft, large aviation die forging hydraulic press production line 125MN horizontal extruder for large aircraft aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy material extrusion.


     The shipbuilding industry is a modern comprehensive industry that provides technical equipment for water transportation, marine development and national defense construction. It is a strategic industry combining military and civilian. Shipbuilding and marine engineering are also inseparable from extruders, such as hull structures and decks of ships, ships, motorboats, etc.; large-diameter thick-walled ultra-long tubes for submarine periscopes; pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless tubes for ships; oil transport pipes, etc. all require extrusion products.

     With the rapid development of my country's rail transportation, especially high-speed rail, the rail transportation equipment industry has further increased its demand for energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability. Most of the covers, containers and vans of high-speed trains and subway cars use extruded profiles.


3.  Requirements of the new energy industry and nuclear industry

     New energy vehicles are one of the important branches of the new energy industry. Energy conservation and new energy vehicles have become the development direction of the international automobile industry, and light-weighting is an important link in realizing new energy vehicles. Aluminum alloy materials are the best materials for light-weighting automobiles due to their light weight and high strength and rigidity.


    Most of these aluminum materials are extruded products, such as bumpers, windows, seats, etc. The front top rails, side top rails, front bottom rails and other products of composite board box trucks and refrigerated box trucks are all aluminum alloy extruded profiles.

For example, the 40MN zirconium tube extruder of the China Heavy Machinery Research Institute is specially built for high pipes for nuclear power extrusion nuclear material containers, and the 500MN vertical steel tube extruder uses upsetting technology to build the main pipelines for nuclear power plants.

4.  Automobile, railway and shipbuilding industries

    At present, China's aircraft and automobile manufacturing equipment still mainly rely on imports. Because of the high mechanical properties requirements for parts in aircraft, automobile and railway transportation equipment, more than half of the parts are made by forging. At present, large forgings required by the automobile, railway and other industries, especially large crankshaft forgings for heavy-duty vehicles, are produced by hammer forging, or can only be replaced by castings. The development of heavy crankshaft hot die forging production line can greatly improve production efficiency, reduce the forging cost of forging blanks, improve the forging performance of forgings, and meet the development needs of automobiles, railways, shipbuilding and other aspects.


5. Power industry

    At present, the total output of traditional generators, steam turbines and boilers in China has reached 2/3 of the world. Such a large power market requires the domestic equipment manufacturing industry to continue to forge ahead and innovate.   

    For example,  the 15,000-ton, 16,000-ton and 18,500-ton large-scale free forging hydraulic presses of DAYI Heavy Forging Equipment (abbreviated as YI ZHONG) have been put into use one after another, meeting the urgent requirements for the forging of large free forgings for power equipment.

    DAYI Heavy Forging Tech people in the spirit of enthusiasm, thoughtful, efficient, super value service concept, superior cost performance has won the majority of users recognition and established a long-term stable relation of cooperation. Our business scope throughout the country, and exported to South Asia, southeast Asia, Russia, CIS countries and regions.In long-term communication with customers, we understand the customer-oriented service purpose, adhering to the "Pursuance excellence, continuous innovation" spirit of enterprise, and strive to achieve the industry technology in a larger scope, more areas of breakthrough and development.


     Following our management philosophy“Being an outstanding, respected, and global fine chemical supplier worthy of being followed by people!”We have helped thousands of business partners grow and develop with excellent product quality and efficient after-sales service.


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