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Open die hot forging hydraulic press-YD16F series

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  • Product description: DAYI heavy hydraulic forging press Machine factory support customized 300~50000 tons for demand from aerospace, Electric vehicles, ships, high-speed rail, wind power, nuclear energy, composite, Ti alloy forging, household appliances, general industrial forging.Our hot sale products as below: 1.Heavy High Speed hot free Forging hydraulic press Machine. 2.High Speed Hot Stamping frame Hydraulic Press 3.Titanium alloy and superalloy forging hydraulic press 4.Composite Material Forming hydraulic press Machine. 5.Closed Open Die or open Free Forging Hydraulic Press 6.Automatic End thickening upsetting hydraulic press Machine line7.Automotive semi-axle & bidirectional axle extruder, Spindle Axle Beams used heavy hydraulic press.8.Petrochemical pipe fittings or valve forging Hydraulic press machine production lines

1. Description:

YD16 series Open die forging hydraulic press is a modern die forging high-precision forming equipment produced by introducing advanced technology from the world, which has a wide range of application processes, including multi-directional extrusion, upsetting, punching and open die forging. It is mainly suitable for forging all kinds of extra-long forgings, shafts, discs and special-shaped parts, such as bearing inner rings, flanges, half shafts, joints, crossheads, wheels and train wheels.

2. Application:

This series of hydraulic presses is suitable for stretching, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, punching and other processes of metal materials, as well as for correction, press-fitting, pressing and forming of powder and abrasive products, and pressing and salting of plastic products and insulating materials.

Suitable for all large, medium and small enterprises, factories, industrial and mining and automobile repair shops, heavy machines, flanges, belt pulleys, shaft bushings, bearings, straightening and correcting, bending, punching with a die, blanking, stretching and flanging to replace the old screw hand press for pressing operation, and installing a pressure gauge for jack testing.

3. Specification:

Die forging hydraulic press is also called: hot die forging, liquid die forging, multi-directional die forging, die forging equipment tonnage of 2500, 4000, 5000, 6300, 10000 tons of hot die forging, aluminum wheel forging.

The equipment adopts prestressed composite frame structure or integral frame structure, with stable and reliable structure and long service life, and the working tonnage can reach 30,000 tons.

One piece of equipment can be equipped with multiple stations according to process requirements, forming and forging in one fire, with high production efficiency and low production cost;

Forming has two working modes: fixed size pressing and fixed forming force pressing, which can be selected at will;

Auxiliary systems such as servo energy-saving system, quick die changing system, automatic die spraying and lubricating system and automatic feeding system can be configured.


4. Features and advantages:

Computer-optimized structural design with three beams and two columns is simple, economical and practical.

Hydraulic control adopts cartridge valve integrated system, which has the advantages of reliable action, long service life, small hydraulic impact, and reduced connecting pipelines and leakage points.

Independent electric control system, reliable work, intuitive action and convenient maintenance.

It adopts button centralized control and has two operation modes: adjustment and single circulation with both hands. Through the selection of operation panel, two forming processes of fixed distance and constant pressure can be realized, and it has the properties of keeping calendering time. The working pressure and stroke can be adjusted within the specified range according to the process requirements.


5. Delivery date and quality assurance policy:

       Delivery time: 3-6 months.

       Warranty period: 12 months