Titanium alloys & superalloys fast Speed Hot forging Hydraulic Production Line

Leading heavy free forging hydraulic press machine supplier


This series of hydraulic presses are used in the drawing , blanking , bending , flanging, cold extruding ,straightening ,pressing-in and forming technology fokr metal ,plastic ,abrasive and insulator products.


The product is optimized dsesign,and the frame is entirely welded with steel piates, and treate to relive stress by tempering for high precision .Cartridge valve equipped for 

hydraulic contorl system,reliable, du-rable znd less hydraulic shock, shorter connection pipeline and fewer release points. And it is also equipoed with centralized button control system,with adjustment,hand and semi-auto operateion modes at operator's choice(set-stroke single and setpressure single). The slide operating in high speed,ensuing high efficiency. The slide operating pressure,no-load quick travel and low-speed movement can be adjusted accoeding to technoligical requirements. It can select moving bolster,buffering device for blanking,ejecting device,safety device for slide .


As a large-scale hydraulic forging machine manufacturer, our company has obtained multiple domestic and international product certifications, such as ISO9001, ECM, HRIC certification, etc.

Packing and delivery:

Our products have strict packaging processes and a complete logistics and distribution system to provide quality assurance for product delivery.


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