Forging hydraulic press

Die forging hydraulic press

1.Product description


AYD16 series die forging hydraulic press is a modern die forging high-precision forming equipment produced by introducing advanced technology from the world, which has a wide range of applications, including multi-directional extrusion, upsetting, punching, closed die forging and so on. It is mainly suitable for forging production of all kinds of extra-long forgings, shafts, discs and special-shaped parts, such as bearing inner rings, flanges, half shafts, joints, crossheads, hubs, train wheels, etc.  


2.Features and advantages

  •  The equipment adopts prestressed composite frame structure or integral frame structure, with stable and reliable structure, long servie life and working tonnage up to 30,000 tons;

  •  One piece of equipment can be equipped with multi-stations according to the technological requirements, and forging can be carried  out in one step, with high production efficiency and low production cost;

  •  Forming has two working modes: fixed size pressing and fixed forming force pressing, which can be selected at will;

  • Auxiliary systems such as servo energy-saving system, quick mold change system, automatic mold spraying and lubrication system    and automatic feeding system can be configured.  




 This series of hydraulic press is suitable for stretching, bending, flanging, cold extrusion, blanking and other processes of metal materials, as well as for correcting, pressing, pressing and forming powder products and abrasive products, and pressing and salting plastic products and insulating materials. It is widely used in large, medium and small enterprises, factories, industrial and mining and automobile repair shops, heavy machinery, flange plates, belt pulleys, shaft bushings, disassembly and assembly of bearings, straightening and correction, bending, punching with dies, blanking, stretching and flanging instead of the old screw hand press for forming, and jack testing with pressure gauges. 


4. Product model:

Die forging hydraulic press is also called: hot die forging, liquid die forging and multi-direction die forging. The tonnage of die forging equipment of our company is 2500, 4000, 5000, 6300, 10000 tons hot die forging, aluminum wheel forging and other models.

ItemItemAYD16 series die forging hydraulic press 
Rated forceKN6300630080008000100001250016000200003150050000100000
Capacity of returnKN63008000100010001300100012001200150030002000
Knock out forceKN6301000100010001600100016001600200012002500
Slide strokemm90010006009009006006006008001300900
Knock out strokemm350350350350350350350350350350350
Daylight Opening heightmm14001500120016001500120014001400150023002000

Slide speedPressingmm/s25~5520~5020~4520~4515~3520~4020~4020~4020~40125~12

Knock out speedKnock outmm/s100100100100no100100100100100100
 Table areaL-Rmm14001000140010001200120015001600200025002500
Motor powerKW165142195195195250340380610980590



5. Delivery date and quality assurance policy

Delivery period: 3-6 months

Warranty period: 12 months